Rengra began operations in 1978 producing bone meal.

In the early 80’s we began processing the fresh products generated in the slaughterhouses of the town. In the early 90’s we focused our activity on collecting and processing the total products generated by slaughterhouses, packing plants and federal inspection-type butchers, which set new standards for service quality to which we adapted.

Today we are using new operating systems, grew our facilities, and improved the stability of our processes.

We are aware of the positive ecological balance we have. We know for certain the pollution that would be generated if the animal by-products we processes reached landfills, it would be equivalent to the pollution caused by domestic waste generated by a large city. This encourages us to continue contributing to the ecological well-being of the town.

We continue to improve our processes by maintaining the RENGRA system which includes the controls needed to provide services and competitive products to our suppliers and customers according to international standards.

We are interested in doing business with you, and invite you to experience our products and services.